Kase K9 Filter Holder with magnetic polariser


The best filter holder on the market!

The Kase K9 slim 100mm filter holder kit comes with a magnetic circular polariser. This means no fiddling around with screw threads as it just pops in and out and rotates via a geared cog on the side of the holder. The holder fits directly to any lens with a 77mm or 82mm front thread and comes with adaptors for 67mm and 72mm. The holder can accommodate up to 3 filters at a time, in addition to the polariser. Mounting the polariser at the rear helps to avoid vignetting when used with wide angle lenses, and also ensures a light-tight seal to eliminate reflections and glare from the rear of the polariser.

The use of aviation grade aluminium makes this holder super durable and very light. The screw thread on the side ensures it won’t fall off accidentally (a common problem with many other brands).

Compatible with most 100mm filters from other brands.


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