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Kingjoy 2-Way Gimbal Head


For use with focal lengths over 300mm.

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This professional gimbal tripod head allows the camera and lens to hang below the pivot point rather than balance on top of the head (as is the case with a ball or pan/tilt head). Designed for use with long telephoto lenses, this head allows free movement (up/down and left/right), yet will keep the lens perfectly steady and balanced whenever you let go. This makes it ideal for photographing wildlife, where you are likely to want to follow the subject and then stop and hold your position. A gimbal head takes the full weight of your camera and lens, so your arms never get tired.

There are two versions available – high grade alloy or carbon fibre. The alloy head weighs 1.5kg (3.4lbs) whereas the carbon version is only 1.14kg. Both are identical in every other way and are compatible with Arca Swiss style brackets. Recommended max load is 25kg (55lbs).

About Kingjoy products – Kingjoy have been making photography support systems for some of the world’s best known brands for more than a decade. Brands such as GoPro, Sony, Nikon, Gittos, B&H, Hama, Adorama to name just a few, all have their tripods and supports made by Kingjoy. There are many gimbal heads available on the market, covering a wide range of prices and quality, but we feel that this one from Kingjoy offer the best all round performance – which is why we use them in the UK’s only commercial eagle hide.


Alloy, Carbon Fibre


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