Kase neutral density filters


Control movement in your images!

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The Wolverine range of Kase filters are made for professional use by photographers who demand the very highest of standards. Made from shatterproof and scratch resistant pro optical glass, these filters are virtually indestructible.

Used for reducing the amount of light entering the camera, these slide down in front of the lens (requires K8 holder) to tone down the entire scene, allowing longer exposure times to record movement of water, clouds or wind-blown foliage. The Wolverine pro range is totally neutral and has zero colour influence on the image (unlike many other brands). All filters come in a stylish white leather pouch with magnetic fastener. Filters are 100 wide and 2mm thick. They are available in 100 and 150mm heights. The purpose of the 150mm version is to allow for ease of use when being used behind a graduated filter (which are all 150mm). There is no optical difference between the two sizes.

See options for our recommended different strengths. There are additional options available to the ones listed here, but we don’t hold them in stock so they require special order – please enquire.


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