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Kingjoy “Goliath” Tripod


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The “Goliath” is custom made especially for us and is not available elsewhere. It is designed for photographers who require extra height and versatility, putting these as a priority over weight and portability. Extending to 2m tall (2.4 with optional centre column), you will probably need a stepladder (not included!) to look through the viewfinder. Due to the extra thickness of its legs, the stability is unrivalled when supporting very large cameras (such as large format) or long lenses (primes of 400mm and above), regardless of the height being used.

Included: rubber feet, 4cm stainless steel spiked feet, carry bag, tool for maintenance.

Additional options for the Goliath: 40cm carbon centre column, 5.5cm spiked feet.

Our suggested ball head is the Kingjoy T50X. Our suggested gimbal head is the Kingjoy 2-Way Gimbal Head


Material – carbon fibre tubes, aviation grade alloy joints.

Leg sections – 4

Weight (without head) – 4.9kg (10.8 lbs)

Folded length (without head) – 71cm (27.9in)

Min/max height (without head) – 12cm (4.7in) / 197cm (77.5in)

Max load – 40kg (88lbs)

About Kingjoy tripods – Kingjoy have been making photography support systems for some of the world’s best known brands for more than a decade. Brands such as GoPro, Sony, Nikon, Gittos, B&H, Hama, Adorama to name just a few, all have their tripods and supports made by Kingjoy. Kingjoy have their own high specification series of tripods which exceed anything they make for other brands. Using only the best materials in a high-tech factory, and with quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, we are confident you won’t find a better tripod for better value. That’s why we use the Kingjoy series ourselves.


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