Kingjoy A83 Professional Carbon Travel Tripod


The ultimate travel tripod.

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This Kingjoy A83 is a high-end professional quality lightweight travel tripod. Made from carbon fibre, it comes with a removable centre column, carry case, and compact ball head (optional). One of the three legs has a comfortable hand grip which makes carrying the tripod easier, especially in cold conditions. This leg also unscrews and attaches to the removable centre column to form a monopod or walking pole with comfortable grip. Each leg section is extended with a twist lock grip joint which is weather sealed to prevent dust and sand from entering the thread. It comes with removable rubber feet which can be unscrewed and replaced with metal spikes. There is a hook on the base of the centre column for attaching accessories. The tripod inverts on itself to from a compact travel mode which easily fits into most bags or suitcases for practical travel. Despite its lightweight and compact design, this tripod still provides outstanding sturdiness for even the heaviest of digital cameras.

Included – 4cm stainless steel spikes, carry case, tool for maintenance.

Please note that if used with any other ball head to the T21, this tripod may not be able to fold back on itself to form its compact travel mode.

A similar but lighter, even more compact tripod is available (C83) but has no centre column or removable leg.



Material – carbon fibre tubes, alloy joints.

Weight – 1.64kg (3.61lbs)

Leg sections – 4

Folded length – 49cm (19.3in)

Min/max height (with centre column) – 40cm(15.75in) / 167cm (65.5in)

Min/max height (without centre column) – 13cm (5.2in) / 136.5cm (53.75in)

Max load – 20kg (44lbs)


About Kingjoy tripods – Kingjoy have been making photography support systems for some of the world’s best known brands for more than a decade. Brands such as GoPro, Sony, Nikon, Gittos, B&H, Hama, Adorama to name just a few, all have their tripods and supports made by Kingjoy. Kingjoy have their own high specification series of tripods which exceed anything they make for other brands. Using only the best materials in a high tech factory, and with quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, we are confident you won’t find a better tripod for better value. That’s why we use the Kingjoy series ourselves.


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